Remove Prices from Collection Page and Product Buy Button Customization (TESTAMENT Theme)

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I have a certain collection that i need to remove the price from the collection page and make the product not show a price or link to buy but link to a form. Can you please help with the code for this? 


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This needs a custom code in the theme to hide the price and enable a contact form that will send you mail with URL and user information or any information you want.


However, if you want to try it on your own try with the below code at card-product.liquid and main-product.liquid



{% for t in product.tags %}
{% if t contains 'hide-cat-button' %} 
     .[productid] .product-price-cost{display: none;}
{% endif %}
{% endfor %}





add product id as class name in main-product and grid.liquid


hope this will help...

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