Removing underline link from Announcement

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How can I remove the "underline" from the announcement bar.

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Looks like you already figured this out, as it's not showing on my end. 




If you're still seeing the issue on your end, then it's likely a browser-specific issue. I'm using the latest version of Google Chrome. 


You can try adding the following CSS to your announcement bar's "Custom CSS" section: 



p, a { text-decoration: none; }


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Hi @ricky24 

I have reviewed your requirement on mobile, you just need to edit css script and the issue will be resolved.  You can follow my instructions! 

Step 1: Go to Admin -> Online store -> Theme > Edit code

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Step 2: Search for the file base.css or equivement. And add this code snippet to the end of the file.

.announcement-bar__text a {
  text-decoration: none !important;

Step 3: Save and reload page in store front. 

The result was resolved your requirement: "Removing underline link from Announcement":



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Have a nice day sir! 

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