Replace product image with image slider as in phones

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Hello, I want to replace the way of viewing in computer view. I want the product pictures into a "slider" like on phone view. I want the right part (product info) to stay the same and the left to be replaced with this slider idea. I don't know if this is even possible but let me know if you have the solotion.


(Try the grey hoodie to see how it looks, it's the only one with more pictures)


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Screenshot 2023-03-18 at 22.08.29.pngScreenshot 2023-03-19 at 18.06.48.png

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you currently use dawn theme right? 


so, dawn theme provide slider on mobile view but there is an option in product information with the name of 'Desktop layout'. Here you can select 'Thumbnail carousel'.






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Yes and thanks for your reply, the solution you offered was better than before. However I want the same carousel as in phone view if possible. I like that you don't see the pictures below and instead you get the "arrows and number" as in phone view.