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I would like to do something simila to what is doing where on the homepage it presents a screen that presents 2 choices "shop men" "shop women" 





once you select one it takes you to a separate "homepage" type landing experience that caters to each audience. It also remembers your choice. Because if you try and reenter it automatically routes you to your preferred choice you had made originally. if you chose men then in the future automatically routes you to and the same goes for women




I know they are doing something with subdirectories but as to how they are executing this is above my knowledge level. Is this possible to do on shopify?

We dont sell fashion but our brand does have 2 distinct categories that would be more optimally organized if they were separated out like this. 


Any advice / help is welcomed and appreciated. 

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Yes, possible.

You can definitely create 2 Pages to be landing pages for Mens and Womens and design your homepage with buttons redirecting to these pages.

On each of these pages you'd need to have some JS to save this selection to a cookie or LocalStorage, like:



and on homepage you'd need to have another piece of JS to check the cookie or LocalStorage and redirect to relevant landing if it's set:

 if (localStorage.getItem('area') === 'mens') location.replace('/pages/mens-landing');
 if (localStorage.getItem('area') === 'womens') location.replace('/pages/womens-landing');

This can even be done without theme modification (depending on your theme, by using "Custom liquid" section/blocks).


However, you'd most probably need to modify your theme to show different menu while you're on mens or womens collection/product pages.

Or, the easy way would be to create menu to include both "Mens Shoes"/"Womens Shoes", "Mens Shirts"/"Womens Shirts" and then use some JS to simply hide non-relevant menu items based on the store selection...

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