Request for Custom Inventory Display Feature on Shopify Store

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Hello Shopify Community,

I'm seeking assistance to implement a unique feature on our Shopify store that mirrors the inventory status display of a specific website (Liva Helsinki). On this site, when a customer clicks on a product, it showcases an inventory status with an orange icon and displays a stock number that's different from the actual inventory.

Key Points of the Desired Feature:

  • Instead of showing the actual remaining stock, we want to display a custom inventory number for each product, specifically under 25 pieces.
  • This custom number should not reflect the real stock quantity, especially for items that have more than 100 units available.
  • Importantly, the displayed stock number is not static; it changes over time. If a visitor stays on the product page longer, the stock number counts down slowly, creating a dynamic, engaging user experience.
  • We're interested in a system where the displayed number randomly changes within a specified range (up to 23), automatically generating numbers within this limit.

I discussed this requirement with a Shopify developer, who confirmed it's possible to show a static number visible on each product or different numbers according to the product, based on a set range. The dynamic aspect of the inventory display that changes over time was also deemed feasible.

Request for Community Support:

I am reaching out to see if anyone in the community would be willing to assist in coding this feature for our store, potentially on a volunteer basis. We believe this custom inventory status could significantly enhance the professionalism and trustworthiness of our site, offering a unique shopping experience for our customers.

Your expertise and any guidance on implementing this feature would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance for your time and support!


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