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Hey guys! Shopify's Community is amazing, so wanted to get some advice.
You'll need to look at this to understand this post:

I sell premium feel phone cases with unique designs, I genuinely try to provide heavy value. 
Like most at first, I'm using a print-on-demand service but instead of going to the cheapest option.

I really look out for my (non existent) customers, I struggle giving discounts above 30% without losing on each product.
I only advertise to places where shipping is estimated 3 - 7 days, and is less then £5. 
I am also very transparent and open, I've went college for graphic design so I am confident with making good designs.

I have a tiny tiny budget, but I'm willing to throw money into paid advertising because I'm not afraid of spending to earn.

I started with FB ads, which went admittedly bad, being paid by impression isn't too bad, but I was spending ~£3 - £4 per click...

So I moved to google ads which turned out pretty well, 8-9p per click with people who intended to buy
But, 3 hours later (when I went sleep), I was suspended for circumventing systems. 
Don't worry though, I have exhausted them so much, they've finally got back to me with a human, which is better than most get! so wish me luck.

In the mean time, what do I do with my website, this website should be a machine, it should utilise everything I've got.

When you look at this site, how do you feel? Does it look abandoned, empty?
Any experienced people who can notice things I'm doing and able to help me settle them straight.
Do you feel like I add value? Or do you feel like you are being scammed or played somehow?
My family aren't very supportive, they hate the idea (somehow), so I have no source of valuable feedback.

Would love to hear from you guys, Throw whatever you've got.

Throw your consumer hat on, give me your thoughts, then throw the business mode back in, and tell me again, what you think.

Thanks guys, I appreciate it for real.  

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Hey brother! 

I thought it was really slow, it's weird though, I haven't added many apps, only use png-8 files (Which are tiny tiny file sizes).
I'll look into it, I know how important speed is. My pc has very fast loading speeds, so I don't notice a difference which is a little annoying. 

badly want to use a premium theme, but I really don't have that budget yet. I've been trying to compensate by throwing loads of high quality graphic design in, but functionality (like you mentioned) can't be fixed by any amount of graphic design.

I'll assume you mean videos or gifs when you say make my store lively?  Which in that case, is a really good idea, I just don't even know where I'd put it. 

Also when you say add more pages, what do you mean? You think I should go really into depth with why my cases are good? Maybe I should have some interaction by asking for ideas for new case designs?

Many thanks brother, I appreciate you taking some time out your day to help me out.