Same Image on Different Products

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Hi everyone,


I have this reoccurring issue where Shopify recreates the same image on different products. I have  (2) products on my store right now. On one of the products, I added a video and pictures. By default, Shopify also places them on the other product. How can I fix this to where I can click on one products page and not see the other products images/video.


PS I also have the same problem with the email signup. I want it only display on the homepage, but not on the other pages, such as the products. If I manually enter a product page, turn off the email signup on the product page, it will also turn it off on the home page, which I do not want. Please help!

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Product Images


It sounds like you've added the images to the product page directly (via the theme editor), rather than to the product's media section. If that's the case, then you would need to create separate 'product templates' for each product that you want different images/content to show on. 


Newsletter Signup


This is going to depend on your theme. Some themes will have a setting for the newsletter to only show it on the homepage. If your theme doesn't have a setting for that, then you'll want to hide the newsletter from your footer, and then add a "newsletter" section directly to the homepage. In the rare case that your theme doesn't have a 'newsletter' section that can be added to the homepage, and only has the built-in newsletter as part of the footer, then you would have to get a custom coder to edit your theme, to add in the option/setting to only show it on the homepage. 

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