Re: 'Save to Cart' tile replaced with 'Save to Draft Orders' - We need resolution

'Save to Cart' tile replaced with 'Save to Draft Orders' - We need resolution

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This function does not work easily, is not intuitive, leaves impatient customers waiting at the checkout for us to review the order for errors, resolve discounts.... and much more. 

So many comments from people on this thread.


Support...we are pleading for help or else bring the 'save cart' button back or give us the ability to revert back to
the previous version of the POS.


Also...we all have been told that it only happened in the first tier of POS app and not POS PRO.

This is not the case.  POS PRO change also.


Please refer to this thread for input from many businesses.


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Commenting on this post as well to echo your sentiments. This is far from the first time Shopify has made changes happen overnight without warning, but this one really stings because it doesn't make sense! The "save as cart" POS feature was in place for as long as a I can remember, and was crucial to our retail staff's workflow. It was a simple one or two click process, had intuitive editing, and was easy to delete if no longer needed. It was crucial for customer browsing in physical stores who are still shopping or making changes to their selections, crucial for saving discounts for special customers and returning to check them out later. Save as Draft Order is clunky, requires many extra clicks, does not have intuitive edit and save functionality, cannot have discounts applied, and cannot be deleted from the POS. We have to go to our backend admin to delete it. Shopify itself knows the value of the save cart, they herald it on the list of benefits of their POS on the App store description, they refer to it in blog posts. I have no idea what the impetus was or the timeline for this, but it is clear that this was rushed, that merchants were not adequately consulted about let alone informed and warned of this change, and that the new feature is very glitchy and does not bear in mind customer use. The email notification they sent at 5pm on Feb 29 does not make it clear that the save cart feature was being replaced, just that the save as draft order feature was debuting. Changelog also does not make this explicit. 

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Absolutely crucial to workflow! As a cashier, this change has already lead to confusion, errors, and all around slows down the checkout process. In some cases, our staff have had to explain the changes to industry clients who are dealing with the same frustrations as merchants. When we explain and apologize that these new changes are because of Shopify, often customers nod with a sigh and a story of their own about bad experiences with the platform. 


Bring back Save Cart! 

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I'm just grateful that this wasn't implemented in a busier retail season. I can't even begin to imagine a busy summer weekend or Christmas shopping without a save cart function! Every POS system has one, it is an essential. 

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Seconding this notion. Save draft is completely counter intuitive to POS Retail Staff and adds many more steps to a system that was working well before hand before it was removed/replaced

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This is still a very large pain point for us. The changes being put in place on POS for the past two years are by people who obviously do not use a POS on a daily basis in a real retail store with thousands of skus. We need the simple and functional save cart feature back.