Scanning in stock to change select variants

Scanning in stock to change select variants

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I need a stock solution that changes multiple inventory levels but I need it to be smarter than just using the same barcode for all variants, for example:

If I have a product with a length of 4m, 3m, 2m, 1m 
I have stock of 4m but someone has ordered a 2m I need a system that can scan out a 4m and scan back in the remaining 2m after I have cut the product to length to fulfil the 2m order

I can scan in the overall lengths I have on delivery but I need a solution to work out how many smaller lengths I can get and adjust all lengths stock simultaneously, for example I can scan in a 4m which would change the stock levels by:

4m x1
3m x1
2m x2
1m x4

Does anyone have a setup like this or can point me in the right direction? 

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Hello @SImon110 
To create a smart stock solution on your Shopify website that updates inventory levels for different product lengths.
This process will involves Shopify's built-in features, custom development, and possibly some third-party tools.
Probably you need to hire a professional shopify developer, who is expert in custom coding and using third party tools.

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