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I would like the collection list to be scrollable on the desktop version. I would also like the mobile slider to not move around as much, currently you can move the images vertically + horizontally, I would like this to be locked horizontally. How can I go about doing these things?


Any help would be greatly appreciated,


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Hello Matty,


It seems like you want a parallax slider. If it's not available in your current setup, you may need to change the theme or get a paid plugin developed. It can be done with Swiperjs, but it requires quite a bit of effort. These kinds of features are not typically found in Shopify, but I still recommend you to do some research.


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Hi Tenence,


Thanks for the reply. After a quick search, a parallax slider isn't what I'm looking for. To clarify, on mobile there is a setting to allow swipe for the collection list. I am looking for a solution that would add this swipe to desktop.



A better way to describe what I want would be for the collection list to be like a carousel on desktop.