Search filter results only show first instance of a variant with metafield filter

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We're building a shop for retro games. We have a product per game (say Super Mario 64). Within this product we have quite some variants for the different conditions, with/without manual or box, language etc. We define those parameters via metafields on the variants (if necessary for your answers I can elaborate on why we need to do it this way).


Now I've found out, that I can expose those metafields to the search filters. This would be great because a customer can either search for "Super Mario 64" and click on the product and then pick a variant he likes (for example: no box, english language with manual) OR he could select the metafield filters "no box", "english" and "with manual". But this only shows the product "Super Mario 64" with the variant image of the first variant that matches these conditions and if I click on it, the product pages opens with said variant selected.


Is there a way I can show all instances of variants that match these conditions? I want to avoid apps but I have an affinity for coding and I'm already doing some basic coding to customize our theme (crave), so if there is a way via coding, I'm okay with that. Thanks for your help!

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I understand your frustration. You need an advanced search and filter app like this one This app allows your customers to filter and show correct variant information like images, price, and discount instead of showing the first one.