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Sections in Dawn Theme get added to all pages

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I am trying to add different sections to different pages in the dawn theme. However, once I add an element on one page, it also shows up on all other pages. For example the contact form now showing up on the "contact" page but also all the others e.g. "about".


How can I configure each page separately?


Thank you in advance!





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I'm having the same exact issue and am super bummed you haven't gotten an answer yet. 😕

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Hi @ssurma ,


You should create a template from 1. Separate 2 pages into 2 separate templates. Because each template has its own json data. If your 2 contact and about pages use the same template, the data will be the same

Screen Shot 2022-02-26 at 8.43.37 AM.png


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Thank you so much for this!! There's a few more steps to get it all sorted but I figured it out! 🥳

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How did you figure it out? I'm still getting the similar pages, even though I created new templates