Seeking Advice on Design Clarity and Color Palette for Interior Decoration Store

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Dear Shopify Forum Community,


I hope this message finds you all well. I am reaching out seeking guidance regarding two design-related issues on my site.


The primary concern revolves around the homepage's clarity, specifically pertaining to the readability of the text elements. Attached are images illustrating this challenge. I am experiencing difficulty ensuring that the text is displayed with optimal clarity, especially on the initial landing section of the site.


Additionally, I am in dire need of assistance with color palette selection. My online store specializes in interior decoration accessories, and I aspire to revamp the site's color scheme to resonate more with this niche. However, I lack the expertise to determine the ideal color combinations that would best represent a refined interior decor store.


I humbly seek your expertise and suggestions to overcome these hurdles. Any insights or recommendations regarding text readability enhancement and color palette selection that aligns with the essence of interior decoration would be immensely appreciated.


Thank you all in advance for your time and support. Your valuable input will undoubtedly contribute significantly to refining the aesthetic appeal and user experience of my store.


Warm regards,Mohamed



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Hi @chaouchemohamed ,


For improving text visibility, consider adding a transparent overlay to enhance the display of your text.



As for the color palette, don't hesitate to experiment with different colors. You can find inspiration on Pinterest at


If you require further help to optimize your store, please don’t hesitate to reach out. If you find this information useful, a Like would be greatly appreciated. And if this solves the problem, please Mark it as Solution!


Best Regards,


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I'd say go with pastel colors

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I also checked out your site – it's got potential! Consider a clean font for text clarity, and maybe tweak the contrast a bit. As for the color palette, soft neutrals with pops of accent colors scream refined interior vibes. You can find some great color combinations at this site. Go for nature-inspired tones! I hope this helps, and wishing your store all the success!