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I am currently selling original artwork and prints on my website. I am wanting to display the commission work I do such as homesteads, portraits, etc.. These, obviously, wouldn't be for sale, just as sample work.  I would like to have them on a page that would display them similar to the way the products page does. That is, being able to have unlimited items on the page and to be able to display multiple pictures when they click on the display picture.  My first solution was to simply create a new product collection and set the quantity to 0. The problem arose when I discovered that you have to set a price to save a product. I'm not sure how to proceed at this point...

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

Robert Clayton Jr
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There are a few ways of doing this, but since you've already gone with turning them into products, this is what I would recommend:

Hide the price. Both on the product pages and collection page. To do this, create and assign a new template for your "sample" products/collections (see here: Templates) you will want a new collection, and product template. Then to hide the price add the following code to the Custom CSS settings:


Toggle These OFF for Product Template "Product Information" block:



Add to Collection Templates "Product Grid" block Custom CSS:


.price {display: none; visibility: hidden;}








 Hope that works for you!

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Hi Robert,

You can definitely achieve this with a bit of customization to your Shopify theme. My suggestion is to create two separate templates: one for the artwork you're selling and another for your archival art display. For the archival art, create a unique collection and assign it the specific template. Do the same for each product you're selling.


With some custom CSS, you can then hide any elements in the archival art template that you don't want to show, like prices and the 'Add to Cart' button. When creating products for your archival art, simply set the quantity to zero and ensure that they can't be purchased when out of stock. This approach will allow you to display your commissioned works effectively without them being available for sale.

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