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We are selling sets of two candles where the customer can choose the fragrance of each candle. One type of candle set also includes options for personalization with a decal that can be added to each candle (decals are a separate inventory to the candles, because they can be added to any of them). We would like to be able to give the customer the chance to add on gift wrapping for an additional charge (that includes a note).


Some challenges:

- Inventory needs to be kept correctly

- Some of the candle types have quite a few fragrances (like a dozen or more) so needs to allow for lots of options. 

- With some bundling apps, it looks great at checkout but then the order page doesn't show what is bundled together. The candles are packaged in boxes of 2, so if they order multiple sets, we need to know which fragrances go in each box. Additionally, which set any added gift wrapping goes with.

- With the candle sets that can add decals - the customer needs to be able to see the photos of the decal, so having an image swatch is a necessity.


We've figured out how to piecemeal apps to solve many of these problems, but the main one is how it looks on the back end and on the order receipt. It isn't helpful to show an itemized list, it needs to show the sets together.


Please help! Thanks!!

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Hi @kalbin001,

You can consider giving the Easify Product Options app a try to tackle your concerns.

The concept is to create decals as individual products and then incorporate them into your main candle product as custom options. Additionally, you can offer a gift wrapping option with added fees. Here's an example 🤗:

  • Storefront:







  • App settings:



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