Send copy of contact form submission to user

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Is it possible to have an automatic email generated and sent to the user's email who submitted a contact form submission? The email would just be a receipt that they submitted the form / summarize what they said.


Or would I need a third party app like jotform to do this?


I use the Minimal theme if that matters.



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Hi @jheller28 Welcome to Shopify Community.


This cannot be done by via custom code or any custom functionality cannot be build for this as per my knowledge. But yes there is an app call “Contact Form” You can use this app. This app integrates with your email notification service partner or app. You can set the operation to send email notification when someone submits the form. 


Please try that out and let me know if that solution helps 🙂 


Thanks and Regards, 

Team Marmeto. 

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You can most certainly do this by custom code, it's a bit irresponsible to say no right out bat.


For people seeing this, there are multiple apps that can do this and this can also be coded, an example below:

- Use an email service (like
- Capture the data send a POST request to the email service to send the email