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Hi! I am trying to change the size of the cards in the collection list. They are too big and would like to make them smaller. Any tips on how? 


This is my site for reference:

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Hi @growinggracecre ,

To minimize the cards in your collection list, you can do it in the following way
- In the admin, go to Online store -> Themes -> Edit code

view - 2024-01-02T113135.412.png

- then search for base.css

view - 2024-01-02T113209.163.png

- Next find @media screen and (min-width: 990px) then adjust max-width according to your requirements
eg: max-width: calc(25% - 117px* 3 / 4); I replaced var(--grid-desktop-horizontal-spacing) with 117px, increasing the size of the cards becomes smaller.

view - 2024-01-02T113302.836.png


view - 2024-01-02T113327.373.png

Hope it helps @growinggracecre 

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