Set maximum quantity on specific product per order

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I want to provide a customer to order a sample product but no more than 1 quantity per order.  Is there a way to simulate maximum quantity of item has been reached, so if customer attempts to add more than 1 of a  specific product they will get message similar to quantity unavailable?

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Hello @nrahko ,


Yes it's possible but needs customization.
Well if you don't want to customize the theme then you can search for an app.


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Hi, This is BSS Commerce


I think you can try B2B Wholesale Solution by BSS. We have all the features to help merchants manage and customize pricing, orders, and registration forms for B2B Customer Segment.

If you want to limit then maximum quantity of item has been reached, you can use the feature "Order Limit". So that, if the products are set the rule, the customer will see the Warning noti like below:



Also, we can provide features to address every issue that relevant to VAT Validation/ Tax Display/ Tax included...

Link app: B2B Wholesale Solution by BSS 

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