Set product card price to default variant

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The product cards show the price for the lowest variant. I'd like to have it show the default variant that the product page is already set to. Any ideas? 

Pics for reference

Craft theme


(hopefully the pictures aren't extremely blurry...) 



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Hi @MagesLaboratory ,


You could use the product.price_max Liquid object to output the highest variant price, and replace this with how the price is currently being output on your theme. 


For example on Dawn/Craft the price of products on collection pages is being included in price.liquid snippet. Try replacing {{ money_price }} with { product.selected_or_first_available_variant| money_with_currency }} and you will be able to display the products default variant price on the collection page.

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Thanks for getting back to me!

I tried doing the replacement you suggested, and it had no effect. It still shows the lowest possible price instead of the default variant price everywhere on my site. Any suggestions?