Set up a digital product where shoppers can select the price they pay

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Hi there,


As described in the subject line, I need to set up a product where the shopper can select the price they pay.


The product is a digital file of a song, it's for charity and so I would like shoppers to be able to select the amount they would like to donate in order to download the MP4. I've managed to get it working using the 'gift card' product but it isn't ideal as after they get the download, customers also receive an email with the gift card number to redeem it etc. We don't want that email as it's confusing, just the download of the file after donation.


I'm new to Shopify and I'm not sure if there is a better way to set up this kind of purchase or even if you can disable the email with the actual gift card in it.


I know I could set up a number of products of the same item with a different price attached but that seems a little messy and I would prefer one product with a selection of prices if that's possible.


Any advice would be appreciated. Thank you.

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Hi @jobee2,

For handling donations with your digital product, you might find the Easify Product Options app helpful. It allows you to set predefined or custom amounts for donations.Additionally, you have the flexibility to set a minimum amount for custom donations if needed. Here's an example 🤗:

  • Simple settings:


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