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Hi everyone, I'm trying to find an app that can help me allow customers pick guided tours that I'm offering as "products" in my store and then be able to book it for a specific amount of people with deviation between prices for kids, adults and babies. 

So basically the price will be calculated according to the amount of adult x ?, child x ?, baby 

How can I make it happen? I used to have it on my old website, but I do not see any similar option on Shopify, here is my old website by the way. Hope someone can help!


thank you in advance ! 

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Wow, that is quite a specific use case! I'm not aware of any apps that would allow you to do exactly what you describe. But you could potentially get pretty close with a combination of a product options app and a booking app. The product options app would allow you to set up different price tiers based on the number of adults, children, and babies. The booking app would allow you to set up availability for specific tour dates and times. Is that something that might work for you?

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Hi @Daniel19901,

In case you are looking for a solution to add a Guided Tours booking option on your Shopify store, BookThatApp (BTA) can help.

You can actually see it in action on the following demo product:
As in the example above, the app will allow to set the type and amount of reservations according to your product variant options. The end price will also be automatically updated taking into account the total and type of reservations.
Here's a complete and easy step-by-step setup guide: Setup Guide: Activity Widget.
Hope it helps! If you have any further questions or need any assistance, feel free to reply on this thread.

Thank you!
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Hi @Daniel19901,

You can try using Easify Product Options app to create different tickets for kids, adults, babies, and also allows customers to enter their desired quantity for each ticket, then the price will be calculated accordingly.

Below is my demo on how you can set up with the app 🤗:

  • Storefront:



  • App Settings:





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