Setting products as "Made to order" once sold out?

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Hi, in my store I have three handmade items, each with 20+ variants. I want to be able to mark, say 10 units of a variant as in stock, and let people order them for right away delivery. In this mode, the button shows "Add to cart" and everything works as normal.

But when those 10 units sell out, I want the "Add to cart" button to change to "Made to order", and if possible, a small "Made to order" tag to be appended to the product title on the shopping cart / checkout page.


Searching on the forums here, I found this guide:

I got it to work in changing the text on the button, but it does not work when the "Continue selling when out of stock" feature is selected.


Any ideas on how I can make this work?


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I would also like for this question to not be swept under the rug. Everything I make is handmade and most of it is something that while out of stock, I make custom for the customer often with personalization or special requests for wood/material types. I would love for a solid made to order function on Shopify like Etsy has.

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anybody from shopify expert answer this inquiry, i havae the same question on how to set up a made to order section