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Hello all,

Just messaging with a tedious problem that I have not managed to solve.


Essentially, we have the collections: “Shop Food Service”, “Shop Retail”, and “Shop Convenience”. These collections have products and customers with the tags “fs”, “retail”, and “conv” respectively.


As of now the site works as if a customer has the tag “fs”, they see the “Shop Food Service” collection; if a customer has the tag “retail”, they see the “Shop Retail” collection; finally, if a customer has both “fs” and “retail”, they see both collections.


We want to add the same functionality to our “Shop Convenience” collection; however, I have not had much success doing that. I have tried to modify some liquid code in the collection-template.liquid file as well as the collection-list.liquid file, but I have not had much success. I am not even entirely too sure if this is a code fix, or can this be done settings or navigation or such.


Basically, I am looking to copy the functionality of the “Shop Retail” and “Shop Food Service” collection for our newly created “Shop Convenience” collection.

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