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Recently, I imported two templates into PageFly and designed them.  These worked great and look awesome.  Everything was fine.  I imported two .json files.   On the main menu in Shopify I created a new page called Shop the Gimbal Vlog Pro.  I was offered two options for the link.  One was  "All Products" and the other is the "Gimbal Vlog Pro".   I chose the Gimbal Vlog Pro which should go to my PageFly product page as it is up and running fine.  Instead, it shows the Shopify product page.  How can I get it to show my well-designed PageFly product page?  If I choose all products, it goes to "all products" in my Pagefly format but when I click on the product, it takes me to the Shopify Page.


Any help would be greatly appreciated.



This is PageFly, Landing page buider.

So basically, when you assign a specific product to a product page, the product page will display PageFly content (and show default product details if you choose to show it in the Page Settings). I've just checked this page, it's not made by PageFly while you want it to be a PageFly page.

Is it okay if I can log into your store to check the page editor, or can you contact us via Live chat 24/7 so we can support you to solve the issue?

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