Shopify Blog Editor Formatting Issues

Shopify Blog Editor Formatting Issues

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I find the blog editor in Shopify is extremely buggy, if I want to convert sub headings into H1 or H2 it transforms all the text into the same. I have never got it to look the way it needs I have to keep applying paragraph to the main text and line spacing is also an issue.

Is this just the way the editor works or is there a better way to use it?

Here is a before and after example...all I did was highlight the 'Turn Heads with Electric Pink' with H1 and it applied this to the paragraph above and below.

Screenshot 2024-07-09 175538.pngScreenshot 2024-07-09 175617.png

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Hi @LuciniLondon 

No idea why it's so buggy for you, there could be a few reasons why that's happening.

Personally, I find the html code editor view to be the most reliable way to edit text that is playing up like this. If you've got some experience with HTML then you can go ahead and edit it by clicking on that button </> in the top right.

If you want, paste the code into here and I could maybe have a look at it for you. Although, if you have some experience, give it a go first 😉