shopify by default adds that app block to all pages where template is default

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2 problems:
1) I created an app block and when i added that app block which basically adds a new section having some designs , ui  in it.  to a page ex: "test page" . shopify adds that app block to all other pages where template is default template. like if i have a page called test 2 then it also adds that app block to page 2  too. I have tested other apps app block. it does the same . how can i fix that? . i want it to show up on a page where i added it !
2) Beside , It take a default width which breaks my design of that app block . how to fix that?

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Hi @ashik23, For issue #1, I think you can fix your issue by creating a new template (a copy of the default template), adding the app block to the new template, and then setting any products you want to have that app block to use that template*. This can be accomplished in the Theme code area of the admin (Themes > ... > Edit code  ). In the left sidebar under templates you should see a "new template" option. If you are unfamiliar with doing this I can send you a quick walkthrough or possibly even jump in and create it real quick (should only take a minute or so).

*When you are working in the "Customize" section, you are editing a template, not a page. So any page that has that template will be effected by changes made to that template. 

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Hello Ashik23,

I am also working on this same functionality. My requirement was I have created a custom theme app extension, and now I want to when my app is installed that time create one new page and my app block is assigned this new page.

If you have any solution to this can you please guide me I am new to shopify app development and stuck in this functionality last week so.