Shopify - Change filter titles color and remove underline

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Hello Guys, i need help with some changes in my filter system, but i would like to edit direct into the main code without adding new code.

1. I would like to change filter titles and items inside each filter color to black (1st picture)
2. I would like to a add black border and border radius to the checkboxes, add a black background when selected (it would need to change the arrow color to white so its visible) (1st picture)

3. I would like to remove the text "The highest price is xx" inside price filter and remove any space that is left due to this text being removed. (1st picture)

4 . I would like to remove underline from "Remove All" and change its color to a light red (the underline should appear only when hovering and should be light red)(2nd picture)

5. I would like to remove the square border that appears around the "Sort by filter items"  after its selected, and add a round black border box that will always show (3rd picture)

6. As seen in the last picture, when you double click on the filter it will select it and show this grey color, i would like to remove this as it does not seem professional.


Link is

Thank you very much.



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