Shopify Dawn theme broken on Safari (Desktop)

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We have an issue with our store in that links from the navigation menu are broken on Safari. They are unresponsive yet work on every other browser combo. I.E chrome on a macbook works fine. Safari on an Iphone works fine. 

It seems to be just Safari on a desktop. Is anyone able to look into our site to see if there is anything that we can change or clean up that will make it work on Safari or is the theme just broken in that regard?

Our site is

Thanks so much for any help

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Hi, @Nabibi.

Thank you for your message, I would be happy to help you out with this. I appreciate you sending the URL to your site, the shop looks great! I also see exactly what you mean in regards to your menus when visiting via safari on a desktop. I may be mistaken, however, it looks like you are using the Dawn theme for your store, am I correct? If so, this could lead to a few potential ideas for the cause of this. Have you recently manipulated your coding in any way? If so, I would first recommend reverting your changes to see if this corrects the issue. Another possibility is if you have installed any third-party apps recently, prior to noticing the issue? If you have, the app developers should be able to take a closer look at this with you. If you have not done, either of these two possibilities, your next step would be to reach out to our live support team so we can take a closer look into this with you. You can do this by logging into your store through our help center, searching your question/issue, then selecting "continue" at the bottom of the page that displays the search results.

Please do not hesitate to reach back out here with any questions you may have, we are always happy to help out! 

To learn more visit the Shopify Help Center or the Community Blog.

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Hey man @Nabibi,

Just wondering how you managed to fix this issue with Dawn theme. We're having the same concern 😞

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Have you solve the issue? If so, how? We are having same issue, and couldn't find anyway to solve it.