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Shopify Nightmare # 6: my translated content in English has replaced the Italian content as well

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Just nightmares with Shopify, I'm enumerating them because there are so many now. In the total absence of indications on how to insert your own contents in other languages ​​(I speak NOT of the Shopify system messages, but of the real textual contents of the site), I thought it was obvious that, finding myself in the Debut Theme editor where I built all my store in Italian, it was enough to switch with the language selector for example on "English" to be able to rewrite the contents in English, and that those in Italian were "obviously" left alone saved in the "Italian" url that I would find when the language selector had returned to Italian. NOTHING TO DO: NIGHTMARE SHOPIFY N.6, THIS VERY DEFECTIVE PLATFORM THAT IS SHOPIFY, CHANGED ALL THE TEXTS IN ITALIAN TO ENGLISH, EVEN WITH THE LANGUAGE SELECTOR IN ITALIAN, IT HAS OVERWRITTEN EVERYTHING. HOW SHOULD I DO, HELP ME !! I PROMISE THAT MY INFINITE PUNISHMENT WITH SHOPIFY IS BECAUSE I'M WASTING WEEKS WITH THIS KIND OF PLATFORM ERRORS, I CANNOT ANY MORE, MY STORE HAD TO BE ONLINE TWO WEEKS AGO. THANK YOU

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