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Hi there, 

I wanted to enable product story block for one / two of my products on the store. However, it's enabled and added the blocks to all the products. Not only that, but the same description is applied to all the products as well. I want to disable these additional blocks and only added them to some of the products. Is there a way to do this with the Impulse theme?


Hi @Haitham28,

If you want to customize each product separately, you need to create template for it.

Then you need to go to the product and select the newly created template.

Finally, you go to Customize of that template and custom, everything will work fine.

Hope it is clear to you.

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Thanks for the info @LitExtension. I tried to do as suggested however my theme is not displaying a 'Create Template' option unfortunately. Maybe it's not available in the Impulse theme?


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This is an accepted solution.

Found a solution. I had to create a new template in the Theme section. Involves a copy-pasting a code from an existing template and changing the name of the template created. 

Go to your Shopify store > Online Store > Actions > Edit Code > Click 'Add new Template' (make sure to select Liquid under template type) and copy the code below (works for Impulse Theme, not sure about other themes):

{% section 'product-template' %}
{% section 'product-[insert theme name]-xxxx-xxxx-template' %}                         <If your template name is multi-worded make sure to use '-' between each work (without the quote marks)
{% section 'product-recommendations' %}
{% section 'recently-viewed' %}

{% if collection %}
<div class="text-center page-content page-content--bottom">
<a href="{% if collection.handle == 'frontpage' %}/{% else %}{{ collection.url }}{% endif %}" class="btn btn--small return-link">
<svg aria-hidden="true" focusable="false" role="presentation" class="icon icon--wide icon-arrow-left" viewBox="0 0 50 15"><path d="M50 5.38v4.25H15V15L0 7.5 15 0v5.38z"/></svg> {{ 'products.general.collection_return' | t: collection: collection.title }}
{% endif %}

{% render 'judgeme_widgets', widget_type: 'judgeme_review_widget', concierge_install: false, product: product %}