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Hey Guys, 


I have a simple question: If I now buy Theme "Local" is there then a possibly to install the layout as it is shown in the theme preview? Or do I have to build it up from zero?


Thank you!


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Hey @MichelleK 


Thanks for the question and you have reached the German community here but we can chat in English too, that's no problem! 😉


The Local Theme is a great choice, well done! Have you added it to your store for testing and building purposes, in order to see if it best matches your products and branding? This would be the best way to see what the theme is like as it won't show like in the linked preview in your store. You will need to build it yourself or via the services of an expert.


You can test it as long as you like and when you think it's good to go, simply purchase the licence agreement. Maybe make sure to keep your store password protected until you do so -> Onlinestore -> Preferences -> Password protection.


And why not add other themes too (free or to pay for) in order to find the best theme for your prods and branding?

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