Shopify To Be Used As An Email Enquiry Platform Instead Of A Store?

Shopify To Be Used As An Email Enquiry Platform Instead Of A Store?

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I'm setting up b2b Shopify inquiry platform/websit, so my Shopify website is just for product inquiries.

Is it possible to have customers select various products but instead of buying those items, they send us an email inquiry?


So, customers can browse our items, select as many items as they want and instead of clicking "Checkout" they would click a button that says "Finish Enquiry" or "Request Enquiry".


The items they selected would be displayed similar to a cart checkout and they could key in required quantities.

Instead of paying for the goods, they finish the transaction by submitting the product feedback request.

We would then get an email of the product list and quantities they are interested in.


Does anyone know how to do this?


I'm using Dawn Theme.

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I see two options:

- It's possible to modify your cart page to make it a kind of contact form. Instead of checking out, your visitors will submit this contact form and you will receive e-mail with this data;


- Or, you can make your products free and uncheck "this product requires shipping". Then you'd need to modify theme language to replace "Add to cart", "Checkout" etc button labels. Your visitors will add products to cart, and proceed to checkout. This will require no shipping address and no payment details from them. Your will receive an order (which is in fact an enquiry) and a notification e-mail. This will require no coding, just editing theme language.

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Thank you:)

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Hey mate did you have any luck with this issue? Im currently working on the same problem...



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@YnkSch Out of curiosity, why would you not want them to complete their order (ie: pay) after you receive/approve their inquiry?


My recommended solution is to require customer accounts before checkout. Our team put together a video on how to set this up.


Then use an app, such as Customer Fields, to enable account approval during customer registration. This will turn your registration form into an inquiry form where you can verify tax exempt status, VAT, company name, business address or anything else you need to approve the order.

After you approve them as a customer, they could simply checkout with the items they've already added to cart.


Thousands of merchants use Customer Fields on their B2B store, so we've seen MANY approaches. Our Customer Success team (US-based) can help you think through and implement a flow that works for your team and your customers. 😄

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