Shopping Cart No longer Displays Item Price or Subtotal

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Hi Folks

We have recently noticed that our shopping cart has stopped displaying item prices and subtotals. The only recently installed app is JSON-LD for SEO but don't see that this would be causing issues with the cart. Once you progress to checkout, subtotals for each line item display again.

If anybody can see an obvious fix for this then it would be greatly appreciated. Theme is trademark 

Many thanks


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Hi there, @MikeCG

Thanks for reaching out to the Community today with your question! This is a great place to come by anytime you have any questions about your shop or anything Shopify related. 

I opened up your store and tested out the cart and you're totally correct - it doesn't appear that the subtotal and the item prices are displaying. Typically when we see something like this, it's related to your theme coding. There is a chance that the assets have been hidden and sometimes applications can hide these assets. I appreciate you mentioning that you recently installed that JSON SEO application as this helps with determining the cause. 

I have a few questions that may prove to be helpful in figuring out what may have happened: 

  • When did you first notice that this was occurring?
  • Does this issue happen in other themes in your store? You can test this by previewing any themes in your theme library and going to the cart page.
  • Do you have someone that works on your theme for store development? 

You mentioned that your theme is Trademark, which is a third-party theme built by one of our partners, Maestrooo. Have you reached out to their support team regarding the missing assets? 

Imogen | Social Care @ Shopify 
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