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Show 2 Images In Row at Product Page [to increase the view of the photos]

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I've looked all over the Shopify forum for this solution and it doesn't exist around here. I really want to fix this but I have no idea how.
I want my product page to show not only the first product photo. I want it to also show the beginning of the second image (this in mobile format).
To make it easier, here's how I want my product page to show the images:


Today I use Shopify + Pagefly to create my pages. And to create product image views I use the "Product Media" function in Pagefly.

If any of you can help me to do this in the tools I use, I will be eternally grateful.


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Hello @CaioFutureHouse 

Can you share the store URL?

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Do you want to remove the image or put it at the end? 


If you want to remove, I would assume you just would need to remove the first image from the product.images.postition

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Hi @CaioFutureHouse ,


This is Kate from PageFly team. Thank you so much for choosing PageFly to improve your website.

For the slideshow of product images like you want, I have an idea. We can try to manually build a slideshow element instead of using our Product media element. Our slideshow has a feature to show the next slide/image. I tried it on my store to show you here:


The limitation is that it can not update from your Shopify source, you have to adjust it manually. And when you choose the Product variants, the slide of images will not be changed correspondingly.


If you want to create this feature for your Product media/image automatically, I am afraid we need to customize the code for it. Please give me your store URL so that I and my team can help to check more. It's better if you can talk with our 24/7 Live chat support team to check it directly and discuss more.


If you have any further questions, please feel free to let me know. Hope this suggestion help!


Please let me know if it works by giving it a Like or marking it as a solution!

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thats pretty cool. 


dont need but def a space for it.