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I'm using the Dawn theme and would like to display more than just 4 blog posts on a page, using the Blog Post block. It seems I can't move the slider higher than 4. Is there a way I can up that number? I'd like to have at least 16, then have pagination or use the VIEW ALL.

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first make a page template based on default page for your blog.  

The max is 4 blogs per blog block.  If you want 16 blogs add another blog section with max 4 blogs. now on your page you have four sections that are blog post.  When you customize on the left under template you add section blog posts.   That is just the max per that block. but in theory you can put as many blogs on a single page as you want, as long as you understand that your 'blogs' need to be broken up into groups of 4 even if they should be one 16 blog group.  if you have 16 blogs on the subject of mice and you called the first one 'mice' then you need 'mice' 'mice 1' 'mice 2' 'mice 3'.   Each one of those would have 4 blogs, 4x4 is 16. 

  • Template
  • Page
  • Blog posts  mice (4)
  • Blog posts mice1 (4)
  • Blog posts mice2 (4)
  • Blog posts  mice 3 (4)
  • +add section

Now you just configure each one of those to your liking.  16 blogs one page.  Hope this helps others.  Was pulling my hair out. Lolz