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In my Shopify store, all products have two variants: one is "add image," and the other is "no thanks." I want to hide the "file upload field" when a user selects the "no thanks" variant. Thanks in advance.

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it is possible by some custom coding. if you want to do this the please let us know. we will help on this thing. Please DM for the fast resolving the issue.

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Hello @IamJK ,

Hope you're doing well. If you want to show some custom fields depending on any variant/ options you can try the Inkybay - Product Personalizer app.

With this app, you can display as many options as you want on the product page. When any option is selected by your customer, you can choose to show other options under that selected option. Feel free to knock me if you're interested in checking the sample product.Custom Mug-Inkybay.png


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Hi @IamJK,

To achieve the desired show/hide functionality for custom options, utilize the Conditional Logic feature in the Easify Product Options app. Here's a step-by-step guide 🤗:

  • Create your 1st option "Image Option": Using Buttons option type and include 2 option values - "Add Image" and "No Thanks"



  • Add the File Upload option: Using the File Upload option type. Enable Conditional Logic to show the File Upload field only when "Add Image" is selected and hide it when "No Thanks" is selected in the "Image Option":





  • Add more options if necessary: You can include additional options like Text Box, Text Area, Number Text Box, Date Picker, etc.



  • Add all options to your relevant product(s): Make sure to associate these options with the specific products where you want to implement this functionality.


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hi @IamJK 
this app Accurate Product Options might help your need about showing custom options on different variants.
It supports text options right now, you could give it a try.

If you're interested, file upload type option would be the next support.

If you want To further discussion about your need for showing custom options needs.
Contact me without hesitate!