Show % discount on a Product, Show Discount in Product page & home page using debut theme

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Hello Experts,

I am using the Debut theme and I have set my item price but haven't set compare-at-price. Instead, I am using Automatic Discounts.

I would like to set discounts on a particular collection and also would like to show strikethrough for original price with % OFF & sale price.

I would also like to set discounts on all products in coming weeks.

Can you please help me with that? This is on the collections page and individual product pages as well as home page.

Below are some examples to show what changes I am looking for my website.







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Logic for calculating Automatic Discounts only happens when a product is added to the cart 


This is why the compare at price is used to hold the discount price.

If you are in fact using the compare at price there are many posts on creating a % display on the forums. 

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