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Hi, is a code or app , to  write and show delivery time on all product page like :

Delivery time 7-15 days

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You can check our app ETA, this is quite simple and I believe can meet your requirements.

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Hey, @Evelyne_Hernand

Looking at your stated requirement, I would suggest you to check out Order Delivery Date Estimation Shopify app.

The estimated delivery message for Shopify owners allows the admin to set and display the estimated message of the delivery on the selected pages.


  • Country/product/collection wise estimated delivery date range & message

  • Design message widget using Icon, text, font styling, etc

  • Custom position option for message bar

  • Highlight estimated delivery dates in the widget

  • Custom position for message bar

  • Ready-to-use designed templates

  • Set week-off days & cut-off time

  • Select min lead days & max lead days for the delivery message

  • Target all/specific products

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Hi Launchtip,

Does your App work based on product variants?

For example we have a table in 5 different sizes.

180cm -> in stock -> 2-3 Days

200cm -> in stock -> 2-3 Days

220cm -> in stock -> 2-3 Days

240cm -> in stock -> 10-15 Days

260cm -> in stock -> 10-15 Days

But it's always the same product, just the delivery time is different



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Hi Sandro,

To my knowledge, no. I have added this as a cool feature request however.

There is a 7 day free trial and we do have "rules" but I am not sure they work on a variant level. Feel free to demo it though.

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Hey there! Recently released a Shopify app called Simpli - Delivery Estimation & I think it’ll be a perfect fit for your brand as it eliminates any sort of shipping anxiety your customers may have at your product page in turn increasing conversions.

Check it out:

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Displaying Estimated Delivery Dates at the Checkout are incredibly important for any eCommerce store. EDD provides your customers with an excellent experience. To show estimated delivery dates on your store, you can try this Ai-powered software.

With 45% of customers abandoning their carts because of unsatisfactory delivery options, it’s important to let shoppers know shipping dates to help increase your conversion rates.

Is estimated delivery accurate?

In my case, it is. Its Ai feature analyses optimal delivery routes and ensures delivery within a timeframe. There are other transparencies your customer will get along with EDD. Ship Day is the date when your package is shipped from the retailer or warehouse. Delivery Day is the day when your package is scheduled to arrive at your doorstep.

The Importance of Displaying Estimated Delivery Dates to Your Customers at the Checkout:

  • Convenience and Predictability
  • Customer Trust and Satisfaction
  • Security and Efficiency
  • Strict Delivery Time Frame