Show false value for boolean Metafield in product detail view

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i have several products with boolean values, which i want to display below the products in a value list.
My theme allows me to input metafields to display. If the metafield value is empty it will either not show or i can select to show empty values with a custom text, f.e. " - ".


My issue is that this also applies to boolean false values, showing " - " instead of "No" or simply not showing the entire field, if i select to not show empty fields. ( this is my prefered setting, since there are a lot of fields)

How can i change settings/liquid code so boolean false values will be shown as "No"?

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Thank you and best regards


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Hi @TimoH ,
This is Theodore from PageFly - Shopify Page Builder App.


To show "No" for boolean "false" and hide empty metafields in Shopify:

  1. Edit theme code (e.g., product.liquid).
  2. Find metafield output code (loops or filters).
  3. Add Liquid code to check the metafield key and value:
    • If key matches your boolean field and value is "true", show "Yes".
    • If key matches and value is "false", show "No".
    • If key matches and value is empty (optional): hide the field with ``.
  4. Save and test on a non-live version of your store.

Best regards,
Theodore | PageFly

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Hi Theodore,


thank you for your reply - is there a solution for addressing the field type? i am talking about 200+ metafields here.


Also, i just noticed that i can only create a max of 25 filters, id like to create way more tho. Is there a way to work around that max?


Best regards