Re: Show featured image until a variant is selected

Show featured image until a variant is selected

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Hello Helen. I have another question. Would you help me with that?

I've trawled the search function and found a fair few posts about variant images etc but not really one that fits what I'm after or if it does it's not very clear that it's the same thing. 

I am using Brooklyn theme and I have product variant images. The problem is when the user clicks on the item to get to the product page it automatically changes the image to the first variants image. I don't want to do that, I'd like the main product image to stay until the user selects a variant from the drop down. I'd be happy with the default item saying something like "Please pick a color" and then defaulting to the main product image.

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Hi, @tonibo! I moved your question to start a new thread since it is unrelated to the previous conversation. This way it’s easier for us, and other merchants experiencing the same issue to find.


I know exactly what you are looking to do!  We have a tutorial for ‘Get customers to choose an option’, which has the steps on how to customize your theme code to make it behave this way. The customization is different for each theme, and the tutorial has the specifics for most themes,  but not Brooklyn. Therefore, we’ll have to get the Shopify Theme team to implement it for you!


I’m sending you an email in order to proceed with this. Please reply when you get a chance, and I’m happy to escalate your request.



To learn more visit the Shopify Help Center or the Community Blog.

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I am having this issue too with Brooklyn. Is there a way to change it so that the image remains the first/default image and not the first variant image? Say I have 3 variants - red, blue, and orange. Typically I have the first photo showing all 3 together. But sometimes it changes the default image to the first variant image. I want it to remain the first image - the default of all 3.

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I am having the same exact issue in Dawn. Is there a solution for this? Please advise. Thank you.

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You'd think Shopify would have created a solution for this by now. It appears this has been an issue for over 3 years now. It'd be great if it just showed your pictures in the order you place them. Which, sometimes it does when there's variants, but not always. Or, a setting in which you can choose whether to display pictures in order, or by variant. Until one of these things happens, the solution is going to be editing the code, which will vary depending on which theme/layout one has. It'd be really great if someone from Shopify made a help article (again, given that this is an ongoing issue and has been for 3 years) with the code needed for the various layouts to fix this issue. 

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Hi @tonibo 

Please share here if you got any solution for this issue.