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I'm new to shopify and as my business slows grows there is this issue that's getting more and more concerning.
I've had about a dozen customers calling me to ask how do they select their pickup point.
You see Shopify doesn't let delivery apps show pickup points before the customer has paid and reached the thank-you page.
That's a BIG issue. I've lost countless customers because they don't have faith anymore in a website that's not showing them if there is a pickup point near their address or even in their city.
My store is based in France and I only serve French customers. One of the most convenient and cheapest way to offer free delivery (to compete with amazon and other big names) is to use Mondial relay or similar services. It's a common practice here and shopify hindering it is big problem.

I can imagine their cautiousness and their concern since remote villages don't always have a shop participating with these services and to have to purchase something just to realise that it cannot be delivered close to your place is a major bummer.

Has anyone found a solution to show the pickup points on the delivery method selection stage? 

It's a game changer for a lot of us.

Every time I get a call from a customer and they say they don't trust the website if it's not showing the pickup points before payment, it breaks my heart a piece at a time.

If shopify personal are reading this then please allow us to show our customers the pick places near them BEFORE they have to pay.

If a smart guy/girl in the community has found a solution to work around it then it'd be great if they could share it with me, here or in private if it's sensitive.


Thank you,

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Hi ,

Jessica here from Zapiet!

I was reading over your message and think that our Store Pickup + Delivery app would be a great fit for your store in showing pickup points on your cart page (before checkout).

Here is the link to our website where you can checkout all the functionalities to our app -

I hope this helps and if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to send us a message at