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I'm editing a theme and looking to implement a custom or app-based solution for recommended products. My specific need is that products have 4-5 different color options and I want the recommended products section to show the recommended product images in the same color as the current selected variant.


All products will have the same set of colors, with unique images connected to each color variant so I was hoping there would be a way / something out there that can pull these through using ajax etc.



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Hi @liamgilroy,

The algorithm that identifies recommended products predicts the most relevant products based on the product a customer is interacting with. The criteria that the algorithm uses depends on a merchant's online store, as well as their plan, however, there are the following criteria in general:

  • Purchase history - Finds products that have historically been purchased together.
  • Product description - Finds products with similar descriptions.
  • Related collections - Finds products from collections that the current products are part of, excluding collections with handles all and front page.



There's more information in our guide on recommended products logic. I hope this helps!

To learn more visit the Shopify Help Center or the Community Blog.