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Hey guys,


I'm trying to build a product page with plants. I have different sizes of plants and i want to have something like Radio button selections for the different variations of the sizes of the plants. Each variation of size is a seperate product and i just can't find a way to show them as a variant on the Product page.


For example: Plant 1

should have on the same product page radio buttons for the other sizes that will redirect to that product page when selected.


I tried some ways by giving the products the same tag etc. But nothing seems to give me this result except for Adding real variations, but i want to keep the different sizes as separate products.

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Hello @Shaheem97 


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Yes this is possible via product tag or metafields but it is a custom requirement so it needs custom coding. Please seek help of a developer to set up this at reasonable cost for you.


Let me know if you are looking for.



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