Show size variants on hover in collections pages

Show size variants on hover in collections pages

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Hey there,


Just wondering if someone could help me show the size variants when a product photo gets hovered over in the collections pages. There would need to be a strikeout or grayout for out of stock sizes. I am running the shopify simple theme. 


This website is basically exactly what I am looking for, it just makes the shopping experience much easier for the customer.  Only looking to do this for size variants, not style, colour  ect.


Any help would be gratefully appreciated! I can't write code but have a good understanding of where files are in the edit code area of the store and can follow directions of copy and pasting things in. Have done many little tweaks to the store with success.

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You'll probably need to hire a developer to get this done (or be comfortable coding yourself), would entail diving into the Shopify liquid code of your theam and some CSS styling. Let me know if I can help further and we can discuss specifics!