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Show vendor on collection page

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I am trying to figure out how to show the vendor underneath our product name. Do I need to add code? If so where do I add the correct code? 


We are a coffee business and want to use the "vendor" tap to show what type of roast it is under the title. 


Thank you in advance! 

God bless

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Hi again,

I answered your question already but the theme default location of the 'Vendor" is above the title.

If you like to show the vendor under the title, please follow the steps below.


1. Go to Online Store > Theme > Customize > Click Top Center Dropdown Menu (Shows Home page)

2. Select Products > Default product

3. On your left hand side, Click Add block (Under product page) as below.




4. Select "Liquid" from the dropdown menu

5. After add the "Liquid" Block, click the "Liquid" block you just created.

6. Enter the code below.

Vendor: {{ product.vendor }}





If you want to Vendor to be Brand, you may change the Vendor to Brand as below.

Brand: {{ product.vendor }}


7. Drag the block to below the Price and title block.



Don't forget to save the change.

Hope it helps.


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