Showing sale price (applicable discount code) in product page

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I would use discount code applicable to all the customers on sale. 

The problem is the customers can only see the discounted price until they add it to the cart. Is there a way to show the discounted price (not compare at price) in the product page? 

Below is an example of a site I found. The original price is crossed out and the discounted price (20% off ) is shown next to it. (They are using a discount code for sale which are applied at checkout.)



Thank you.


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Hi @stef8 

Please share your store link? Also, make sure you added price and compare price for your products. 

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Can you provide some more details about what you're looking for?


I'm not 100% sure what you're trying to do here, or why using sale price/compare at price won't work for you.


Based on what you've said in the post (and I also visited the site in your screenshot), it sounds like you're trying to apply a discount to a product that's not yet in the customer's cart.

If you've created a discount code (not an automatic discount), it has to be entered manually by the customer before it applies to their cart. Or, you can have your own code on your site that automatically applies a specific discount code to the cart.


So your post raises several questions for me:

  • If this discount applies to all customers, why can't you use sale price + compare at price?
  • If this discount applies to all customers, why can't you use an automatic discount?

Also, here's a screenshot of what I saw on the site after adding the product to my cart:


As you can see, the discounted price is visible after I add it to my cart as well.


P.S. I'm doing research into making a new app to show discounted prices on product pages, so mention it in your reply if you're interested.

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