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Hi!  I am new to Shopify and setting up my store for the first time.  I have been searching for an answer to a issue I believe many people must grapple with, but haven't had any luck finding an answer.  I'm not sure if I am just unaware of the right keywords to search to find a solution, or if this is actually a limitation on Shopify.


Here's my challenge:

My products are mostly furniture and home décor.  Many of them have multiple colors or materials within the same product.  For example, a rug that is blue and green stripes.  Or a table that has metal legs and a glass top.  


I am using the Options fields to enter these details.  However, if I enter multiple values for the same option, it automatically creates multiple variants.  This doesn't seem correct, since it is just one product, but each variant has separate inventory, etc.  Currently, I am just trying to select the primary color or material, and I'm entering that value only.


The reason I really need all of the colors / materials / etc to be assigned to the product is for filtering.  When filtering by color, for example, if my blue/green striped rug has only "blue" assigned as its color option, if someone selects the green filter on my store, they're going to miss this rug that has just as much green in it as blue.  


Any ideas?

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Since your main purpose is filtering. With some simple coding you could make collection page filters to work by tags. So then you would need to assign relevant tags to your products and then filter them by tags.

Maybe your theme even supports tag filtering already - you should check.

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