site builder keeps assigning wrong pages to menu items

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so I'm building a site with the theme Craft and the site builder keeps assigning wrong pages to the menu items. The same problem happened with previous theme that I was using as well. I'm working with the Shopify site builder.


My menu has item Shop and under it three pages - products, tools and consultation. The site shows on the products page a collection of all the products. The tools page is supposed to show only the tools collection and the consultation page has only text and contact -button.


At the moment the site builder simply copies the content of the products page to the tools page. And if I make changes to the tools page, they are copied to the products page as well. Are the pages connected somehow?


And the consultation page contents keeps getting assigned to other menu items like About us. The site builder shows the content that I've build for the About us -page but it is all hidden. Why is that?


Earlier, while using other theme, the site builder kept assigning a page containing a contact form to the page About us. There is only option to change the assignment, not to de-assing pages.


It is extremely frustrating and I haven't been able to solve this problem by myself. Why is this happening, how to fix it?

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I think I'm mistakenly talking about site builder when I should be saying theme editor. My bad, hopefully this correction helps anyone reading my post.

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Hy there, you can changes pages link of your menu by going to theme editor navigation option, and there you can change the existing menu name as well as add the new links of your pages that you have created alongwith you can give links of some particular products or collections as well.

As well as, i advise you to use a good shopify page builder that can make your work easy an handy

you can actually use

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Hi I'm currently experiencing the same problem. Something happened when I was using Shopify site builder and now when I make a new page all the content gets added to two other pages I already had before. I spoke to Shopify support and they said to speak to an expert but I wasn't able to solve the issue. I was wondering if you ever found a solution to this?

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Hi there, did you ever get this resolved as I'm having the same issue and it's driving me absolutely INSANE!! The page it's navigating to isn't even in the navigation and is a hidden page, but I cannot get it to show the correct page information that it is linked to.  Crazy.