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SKU to Predictive Search - Dawn theme - 2023

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Hello Shopify community! 

I'm trying to add SKU to predictive search.
All solutions I found are not compatible with my theme.
Does any one know how to do so and can share with me? 
we have too many items to add the SKU to product title.
Thanks in advance!

screenshot for all search files 





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Hi @rcpro ,


This is Stacy from the Searchanise Team, the app that provides professional search and filters for Shopify stores.


If you are not against using third-party apps, you can easily enable your customers to search by SKU using our app. And you don't even need to add SKU to the product title, as Searchanise indexes products' SKUs.


Check out our app listing to learn more about other features we provide. And if you have any questions feel free to reach out to our customer support team at