Social icons in footer not showing under Firefox

Social icons in footer not showing under Firefox

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So after one and a half years there is still no proper response to this. Would be nice to get an update on the matter. Is anyone even working on a solution? Because the problem is definitely still around.

I checked with different browsers and devices, the icons won't show up or won't show up properly when using ffx, either on laptop or mobile. Other browsers I checked are fine. As I've learned, this is not the only compatibility problem with ffx, but it makes a huge difference for us, as a great deal of our customers arrive form social media. Can't possibly tell 8% of our customers to use a different browser than their preferred one. Any suggestions?





Expanse Theme 2.0
Problem found using Firefox 94.0 (Ubuntu 18.04.6) and Firefox 94.1.2 (Android 11, Samsung Galaxy A40)


Social icons not showing in Footer on laptop, showing only 3 out of 4 in announcement bar.

Not all social icons showing in Footer on mobile (3 out of 4).

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Hi @GrasshopperGeo,


Apologies for the delay in getting back to you and thanks for your question!

While do recommend Google Chrome for best results, Shopify is compatible with all browsers, so long as they are up to date - so be sure to upgrade your browser if it needs to be upgraded. Be sure too to upgrade your operating system on any device you are using.

You mentioned that you are using a third-party theme called Expanse which may account for why your social icons do not display in some browsers. Have you reached out to Expanse Theme support?

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